A novelty in the Russian energy audit market!

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  Russian Company AeroDver.ru Has developed and Launched the Production of an airfield for energy audit and thermal imaging inspection of buildings and structures for a better examination and identification of hidden places of heat leaks.

 With the help of AeroDvery, it is possible to accurately determine the places of heat leakage, detect EDDY currents of cold air, cold bridges and other defects that can lead to heat and energy losses, which will lead to additional heating costs for buildings and structures.

  Aerodver from the company AeroDver.ru it will help to identify as much as possible all defects in the construction or already residential and non-residential buildings and premises.

  Without the use of AeroDvery, it is impossible to identify all hidden and additional problem areas after the completion of construction of buildings and houses.

  Examination in the classical way with only one thermal imager without the use of an AeroDvery will not give a complete picture of the state of energy efficiency of this room, as well as a thermal imager without the use of an AeroDvery will not be able to show all hidden effects and only in the winter period of time when there is a large difference in the temperature difference indoors and outdoors.

  Energy audit with the help of AeroDvery can be carried out almost all year round, even in winter or summer / the main condition for high-quality diagnostics is a slight difference in indoor and outdoor temperature.

  The temperature drop at which it is possible to conduct an energy audit in the summer should be 10-15 degrees.

  Therefore, a high-quality thermal imaging examination can be carried out not only in winter, but also in Summer!

  This is one of the main advantages and features of thermal imaging examination with an airfield!

 This unique installation will help to identify hidden places of heat leaks, which makes it an indispensable tool in the construction, repair and maintenance of buildings.

 Without the use of AeroDvery, it is impossible to fully assess the energy efficiency of premises after their construction or in existing buildings.

  With the help of AeroDveri, energy audits can be carried out all year round, including in summer

 Now you will have a complete picture of the energy efficiency of the building, as well as the opportunity to prevent heat loss and reduce heating costs.

  With Aerodvery, you will be able to offer your customers a high-quality energy audit at a high level!

  You will be able to provide accurate information about the condition of facilities, as well as recommendations for improving engineering systems and structures.

  Choose an airfield from the company AeroDver.ru and get a reliable and innovative solution for energy audit and thermal imaging inspection of buildings.

  Confidence in high quality and reliability, as well as the opportunity to stand out in the energy audit market - this is what you will get with Aerodvery from AeroDver.ru .


  Aerodver is an innovative solution that greatly simplifies the process of energy audit and thermal imaging examination.


  Advantages of buying AeroDveri from the company AeroDver.ru:


Ease of use: The door is easily installed on doorways and provides a reliable seal. It does not require complex configuration or additional tools.


High measurement accuracy: Thanks to the use of the AeroDver installation to measure the multiplicity of air exchange, the Aerodver provides high measurement accuracy and allows you to detect hidden defects that are usually not possible to identify using only a thermal imager for energy audits Without an Aerodver!


Fast and efficient operation: With the help of AeroDvery, you can conduct an energy audit or thermal imaging survey in the shortest possible time. This allows you to significantly save time and avoid unnecessary costs.


Versatility: The airfield can be used not only for energy audits of buildings, but also for inspection and leakproofness checks of Houses, commercial Facilities, industrial premises, warehouses or other structures.


Durability and reliability: The door is made of high-quality materials, which ensures its durability and reliability. It will serve you for many years without losing its properties and functionality.


  Do not miss the opportunity to improve the quality of your energy audit and thermal imaging survey with the help of AeroDvery from the company AeroDver.ru .

  By contacting us, you will receive not only high-quality equipment, but also professional execution With us, your energy audit will become more accurate, efficient and cost-effective.

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