Industrial airfield OMG-OMG up to 18.000 cubic meters/hour

buy aerodver industrial surveys of large warehouses and shopping centers

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Industrial airfield QMG-OMG up to 18.000 cubic meters/hour


 *Buy a QMG airfield for the inspection of warehouses and shopping centers of a large area.


  Industrial Aerodver under the Order with a Capacity of up to 18,000 cubic meters/Hour

 Our team has developed and created a unique QMG-OMG airfield designed specifically for thermal imaging inspection of buildings and structures, a large area.

  This system is a domestic analogue of the well-known foreign RetroTec system and has a number of advantages and additional functions, which makes it indispensable in Russian conditions.

 One of our most significant developments is an industrial airfield, specially designed for large warehouses and shopping centers.

 As you know, such objects have their own characteristics and require a special approach.

 Our industrial airfield allows you to efficiently and accurately measure the air permeability of large objects in real time.

 The QMG-OMG air permeability measurement system is based on the use of 3 fans, each of which has a capacity of up to 6,000 cubic meters/hour.

 The combined performance of the system reaches an impressive 18,000 cubic meters/hour.

 The advantages of our AeroDver system are not only in its high performance, but also in the possibility of using fans both in combined measurement systems and separately for small buildings.

 Thus, our customers can be sure of the most accurate results of air permeability measurements, regardless of the size and characteristics of the building.

 The team it consists of specialists with extensive experience in the field of energy audit and thermal imaging examination.

 Our goal is to provide our customers with innovative and reliable solutions for optimizing energy consumption and improving the energy efficiency of buildings and structures.

 If you are looking for a reliable partner for energy audit and thermal imaging survey, the company I am ready to become your reliable partner.


We guarantee the high quality of our services, efficiency and responsible approach to the implementation of each project.

Create comfortable and energy-efficient conditions in your building with the help of innovative airfields from the company !*buy an aerodver