Aerodoor Retrotec RU-12000

buy aero door Russian analogue of BlowerDoor

$ 3.290 В наличии

Retrotec RU-12010 Aerodver is an ideal solution for energy audit and quality control of construction works.

 Aerodver Retrotec RU-12010 is a novelty in the Russian energy audit market due to the combination of high reliability, durability at an affordable price.

 This equipment allows you to quickly and accurately determine the air permeability of both private homes and commercial premises.



 Scope of Delivery:

 Two Turbo fans with a total capacity of up to 12,000 cubic meters/hour!
 Each turbo fans are equipped with a separate RC-tec speed controller
Each fan is closed on both sides with special grilles, injury-safe!
 Mechanical air flow adjustment (removable hatches and valves) for fine tuning
 A high-quality branded canvas Sail with a technological window for safety and control of finding people from the outside of the building, during the energy audit.
Fabric removable cover 2-pcs.
 Branded branded bags in the amount of 3-pcs.
 + BONUS Branded Baseball cap with company logo The steel metal frame has a wear-resistant thermal painting.
 The frame has a sliding system for different sizes of doorways  

        The height of the opening is from 1.25 meters to 2.3 meters  

        The width of the opening is from 0.7 meters to 1.25 meters



  Advantages :


 Two Tube Fans of the 6.000 series, each with a separate manual control unit, allows for a sumar air flow of up to 12.010 cubic meters/hour, which is optimal for conducting complex surveys of large premises

 Each of the two fans is closed on both sides with special grilles, injury-safe!

 Megeon differential pressure gauge (jointly produced in Russia)

 Megeon anemometer (jointly produced in Russia)

 One of the main advantages of this model is the huge efficiency and ease of use.

 Unlike buying foreign analogues (#BlowerDoor Systems or #Retrotec)

 Aerodver from our company has the same functionality, while it is more affordable and does not require expensive training.

 In addition, our airfield provides a maximum airflow of up to 12.010 cubic meters/hour thanks to powerful electric motors.

 With the help of two separate built-in RC-tec controllers, you can easily and independently control the rotation speed of each fan to adjust the required air pumping parameters depending on the type of room and its area.

 Our company offers a competitive price and guarantees the quality of products.

 Having bought an aerodver from the company , you get reliable and efficient equipment that can easily cope with the most difficult tasks of energy audit for quality control of construction works.


Our Aerodver Performs all its functions by 99.9% without complex Marketing methods of Air Permeability calculations


We offer a competitive price and guarantee the quality of our equipment!

*We offer an extended 3-year warranty on the turbo fan!


Buy or order the Retrotec RU-12010 airfield right now and make sure that it is an indispensable tool for successful work in the field of energy audit and construction diagnostics.


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